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This blog will mostly show what PC games are playable with the chipset and games that can't through my analyze.
Also review about PC games and other cool technology stuffs out there.

To all Intel Chipset user, make sure to update ur
chipset driver. For 945GM user click here 945GM chipset driver
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From the Father of this Blog

World In Conflict

Welcome to the Alternate year 1989When World War III becomes reality!

One of the PC hit RTS sequel, World In Conflict is no doubt one of the best RTS game
Russia Invade The United States surprisingly and its up to you to save the day.

World In Conflict doesn't play as building structure, recruiting armies..
Instead players calls in reinforcement to the battlefield

The Camera view is flexible in 540 degree xD

The Single Player Campaign is awesome, the cutscene and memorable moments
But Most of the time I play the Multiplayer mode, with AI bots
There is 4 class type for player to choose with:
Infantry (Troops and Soldiers)
Armor (Tanks)
Air (Helicopters)
Support (Artillery)

There are Super weapons aka Weapon of Mass Destruction
There are 3 Tactical Aid Support:
Reinforcement Support
Artillery Support
Air Support

And when all hell break loose..you'll call in a
Tactical Nuke! My Favorite @@

Video Review by Gamespot

There's no problem starting the game
I set all the graphic detail to very low and it still enjoyable and the FPS i got is around 30, except when close in the gunfights and the nuke which cause FPS to drop but still playable =D
The game may crash occasionally, I have no idea whats the problem but i think it happen after i patch to the latest version..weird @_@

For more information go to

Hellgate London

Welcome to London..
..after being invaded by demons from hell that is O_O

Hellgate London is an Action Role-Playing game with medieval style meets futuristic technology. This game cane either be played in first person view or third person view.
There are 3 Faction and 6 Classes to choose from:-
1) Templar Faction
- Blademaster
- Guardian
2) Hunter Faction
- Marksman
- Engineer
3) Cabalist
- Envoker
- Summoner

Each classes have their unique skills, weapons and armors.

The texture and environment looks beautiful in some location like the British Museum but most of the places are corrupted, dark and hellish..

The maps and dungeon will change every time you revisit them. The customizable items and equipments are a lot.
You'll be hunting demons, doing quest while exploring throughout the locales in early levels. That's right, killing demons alone..well in the early game that is of course. Don't worry, you'll get surprise when you reach a part of the game O.-

There are mini games throughout some quest, one of them i encounter is the squad command. Commanding a troop and guide them to victory. That's where it become Real-Time Strategy style.

The Pride of my Blademaster
Action Video of Hellgate London

In-Game Video

There's no problem starting the game.
I set all the graphic setting to medium and the FPS i get is around 25 indoor while 15 outdoor. The only place which cause the FPS to drop dramatically is during the Millennium Battle where soldiers and demons are waging war.
Make sure you:
Update your DirectX driver
Patch the Single player to version 1.2 (IT'S A MUST)
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For more information go to

Far Cry

Welcome to the Paradise

Nice to see, not nice to hang around

You play as a usual hero guy..
You woke up from consciousness and found yourself in a rusty shipwreck..
When you got out of the shipwreck, you see a very beautiful scene..
Tropical Island, Coconut trees, beach, clear sea waves..aka Paradise
Mercenaries, Gunfight, Explosion, Blood, Violence..aka Hell
Your Goal, find the woman and find a way to get out of this island while uncover the secret of the paradise tropical island

PROBLEM : When you start the game, you'll see blue texture all over

: There's no tweak needed to fix this. Just patch the game to version 1.4 and everything will be fix and solve.

Comment anything about this game in this post section.

The official website has was not found. Click here for Ubisoft official website

Half Life 2 Episode 2

I skip all the way to episode 2, though i play finish Half Life 2 few years ago using my desktop (graphic card melted)..The good old days of hardcore gaming..and it will never end there..LOL!

Welcome to the 2nd episode of Half Life 2

I don't know what the heck happen in episode 1 but i will play that someday before actually continue playing episode 2..

..but i do remember that gravity gun belongs to me <_<

I played through it's few early stages and the most kick ass moment is the attack of the ant lions..WooT~!

And the story continues..

PROBLEM : unable to start the game at all because our chipset doesn't support the game

SOLUTION : search and download 'swiftshader 2.0' software. After that copy both 'd3d8.dll' & 'd3d9.dll' to your game folder/bin.
Don't run the game just yet cause you might lag like hell because of the animated background in the main menu.
Right Click Half Life 2 Episode 2 shortcut icon and click properties.
copy & paste this next to your game directory name in the target box
-console -dxlevel 81 +mat_forcehardwaresync 0 +mat_bumpmap 0 +mat_specular 0 +mat_picmip 2
So it will look somthing like this
example : "D:\Half-Life 2 Episode Two\half-life 2 episode two\hl2.exe" -steam -game ep2 -console -dxlevel 81 +autoexec.cfg +mat_forcehardwaresync 0 +mat_bumpmap 0 +mat_specular 0 +mat_picmip 2

Now you are able to launch the game. In the main menu, make sure you tweak down the graphic setting so you'll get a better FPS rate..
I think this method is appliable to Half Life 2 & Half Life 2 episode 1 too
Leave and Discuss in the comments if you have any question or better solution

The Fall of Halo 2

The Fall
Sad to announce to all 945GM user that during the testing of Halo 2 using swiftshader, Halo 2 is in unplayable stage...The FPS(frame per second) is way below 5...

The Hope
Halo 2 is workable in window XP, you can play the game without window Vista.

This guide is based on my testing:-
1) When you first autorun halo 2, you'll receive an error msg
"The procedure entry point CreateProcessWithTokenW could not be located in the dynamic link library ADVAPI32.dll"

2) Download Halo2Helper v1.2.1b here
-Unzip the folder to the desktop and in the folder, double click on the "setup.bat"

3) The Halo 2 setup interface will then pop up, choose "Customize Game Install" option.

4) Choose "Full Install, Do Not Start" option. While the directory destination is up to you but i suggest using the default.

5) Once the installation is done, Explore into your Halo 2 disc and find the folder labeled "redists" and install the XLiveRedist1.0.6027.msi and vcredist.msi files.
-vcredit.msi will install automatically even if it doesn't look like there's anything.
-I choose repair during the XLiveRedist setup and then restart comp

6) Download Halo2XP Updater v2.0 here
-Double click on the setup and install to your halo 2 game directory

7) A shortcut will appear on the desktop, Double click it then Enjoy Halo 2 in XP!

8) Download Halo2 Uninstaller v0.9b here
-Halo2Uninstaller.reg to clean all the registry string of the game
-Halo2Uninstaller.bat to clean all the game leads from your system
-Halo2Saves.bat is use to save your progress in the game

Thanks to RoboMASTER for all the Halo2 files and Perfect Sin's Guide on how to install Halo2 in Window XP


F.E.A.R. goes online in this F.E.A.R. COMBAT title
It's free to download and play even if you didn't own the original title

Like most FPS multiplayer games, there are Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Last Man Standing, Conquer all and Control. You might be thinking, hey, since single player has slowmo, do multiplayer get the same mechanism too?
Well, You bet it did, There are some modes which has that slowmo mechanism in Slowmo Deathmatch, Slowmo Team Deathmatch and Slowmo Capture the Flag.
So how does it work?
Only one player is available to carry the reflex power-up, which when fully charged can press the CTRL key to give the player and his team a speed advantage over the opposing team. You won't go invincible since you'll be an easy target once your holding the power-up as you will be easily detected by everyone in the match.
The mind blowing effect is still noticeable in the multiplayer and i got to tell you, It's way more intense and crazy then you have ever felt in Single player @_@

Some screenshot i took during the bad ass time XD

That's mean this title is playable and so does F.E.A.R. and F.E.A.R. Extraction Point
For more information about this game www.joinfear.com
So Gear up and Lock n Load Soldier! It's time for showdown +_+


I have tried the emulator with Final Fantasy 12 and i was disappointed to announce...Our Spec totally can't handle the emulator..
It runs below 10 FPS during the PS2 menu..It's totally unplayable


I'm going to open another new blog which is about online games and my story during playing so wait around for any updates about it.


I went to PC fair this afternoon and bought myself a decent 1GB of DDR2 ram ( I didn't go for 2GB cause I'm bankrupt -_-)
Got home and installed the ram into my sweet laptop xD
I got to say...Its perfect! the difference with more ram can easily be noticeable instantly
Everything in 2x Boost ;)
Any user who's still using 1GB ram below, I suggest you upgrade it now to unleash the power within 0.-